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Change the face of the fitness industry for the better with ProjectAD.


You got AD blood, and you’re carrying the AD gene, then NOW is YOUR chance to be part of the fastest growing, internationally recognised sports nutrition brand in the industry.

What do we mean?

We’re offering you an opportunity to become an official member of #TeamAD, and instead of just telling us you want to work in the supplement industry, you can prove it to us! ProjectAD has developed an organised tiered representative program, the AD Farm League, that you can enroll on and embark on your journey up through the levels of the AD team, and the supplement industry.



You are a passionate user of ProjectAD supplements, believe in the brand ethics and support innovation and quality compliance every step of the way in delivering superior sports nutrition products.


You’re comfortable speaking out to the masses about the ProjectAD brand, and willing to collaborate with us on forms of visual/audio and written media that are mutually beneficial to both parties.


You not only talk the talk, but you also walk the walk. At your core, you must live and breathe the lifestyle with the same dedication that we approach creating superior sports nutrition supplements.


We will work with you across online, social media and offline to promote your own following, as well as ours. Every representative will be provided with a unique & customizable discount code to apply to your own orders, as well as offering to your own followers to qualify for better pricing across the ProjectAD range.

The higher up the 5-level system you rise in the Farm League, you’ll qualify for greater incentives, such as commissions on sales, deeper discount codes, free apparel, potential free monthly product allowance, and if you’re a suitable candidate you’ll even have the unique opportunity to travel with us to expeditions, and paid sponsorship as a recognised athlete.

For those who have AD in your blood, a genetic thing, driven & motivated, and want to use the highest quality products on the market…. Those who want to EARN YOUR SPOT and genuinely want to work the industry that you’ve always dreamed of working in then apply now to become an ProjectAD representative at the AD Farm.

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If you think you have what it takes,
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