What do we mean?

  • What is the AD Farm League?

    The ProjectAD Farm League is an organised hierarchy brand representative program, that you can enroll on and embark on your journey up through the levels of the AD team, and launch a recognised paid career in the sports supplement industry via an internationally recognised, global reaching brand.
  • What is a ProjectAD Ambassador/Athlete/Representative?

    A ProjectAD representative is someone who is passionate about bodybuilding, nutrition, training & supplementation. They not only breathe the lifestyle, but they’re also approachable, willing to help others, and knowledgeable about their craft. Our representatives & athletes also believe wholly in the ProjectAD range of products and are willing to promote our brand across their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter profiles at least once weekly. They’re also willing to collaborate with us on a monthly basis for one written article or video to be shared with our followers to help educate our customers and inspire them to get results from the ProjectAD range and their health & fitness dedicated lifestyle.
  • Who can apply to become a ProjectAD representative?

    Anybody who is passionate about the sports nutrition & bodybuilding industry and willing to promote our range in a way that’s in synergy with our ethos. You will have to be active on at least two forms of social media from either Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, and primarily producing content focused on bodybuilding, health & fitness.
  • What Can I Do To Level Up?

    Quite simply, get out there and network. Of course, social media is a great tool to connect with people & your existing audience, though it is not the only answer. Word of mouth is your best source of true customers. Talk to people in the gym, supplement stores, and in real life.
  • What are the responsibilities of the ProjectAD representative?

    Willing to post at least once weekly across their social media platforms uniquely crafted content promoting our products. Includes their unique discount code in all social media posts pertinent to ProjectAD, as well as updating their bio with said code & #ProjectAD.

    Must have time to contribute 1 article or video per month for educational purposes (will be used by the brand in a mutually beneficial way to promote the athlete).

    Where applicable to wear ProjectAD apparel at relevant times and events to represent the ProjectAD brand.

    Most importantly to be a positive role model and representative for the brand, and represent us with the utmost professionalism at all times.

  • What benefits do ProjectAD representatives receive?

    We currently offer a multi-level representative league system package depending on our representative/athletes’ following and influence, as well as being negotiable if they’re willing to work closely with us and attend seminars, events, etc (remuneration available).

    At the very least, after a successful application month, all representatives/athletes will receive a monthly discount code, commission on sales, and in higher levels, a supplement allowance to compliment unique discount codes with commission to offer their followers.

    Supplement allowance may increase depending on the athlete’s following on social media. In addition to this, we work tirelessly to promote our athletes and make the partnership as mutually beneficial as possible. We take great pride in including our athletes across our international following, and this exposure helps to grow their influence across the fitness industry.

  • How will I know if I’m selected?

    We endeavor to respond to all applications within one - two weeks. We acknowledge all applicants and are extremely grateful for their support and desire to represent the brand.
  • Is there any way for me to earn extra sales?

    Yes, there are several options for you to earn extra sales credits. Providing quality content that can be used for the Project AD website & social media channels such as recipes, educational or informative videos, and Articles. Submissions should be made to accounts@projectad.me upon approval for publication you will receive the additional sales credits. Other opportunities will arise throughout the year to earn extra sales points and you will be notified via email and in our Private AD Farm Facebook group. Always make sure you are checking emails from us for updates.
  • Can discount codes be stacked?

    No, codes can not be stacked. If a , encourage them to come back and use your discount.
  • How do I track my sales?

    You can log into your affiliate dashboard here:  and navigate to the ORDERS total tab.
  • When will I know when I make the next level in the AD Farm League?

    You will be notified via email when you’ve reached the next level. In that correspondence email will be all of the next step instructions.
  • How soon after a referred customer purchase on the website, is it credited to my total sales?

    Once a referred sale goes through at www.projectAD.me and the payment is successful, it is immediately credited towards your name & account. If you are receiving credit through manual addition, it will take 1-2 days to process.
  • Can the same person use my code more than once?

    Yes! We encourage the returning customer. Any one person can use your code as many times as they’d like.
  • How do I level up?

    Make sales (each sale counts as 1 sales point*, and accumulated points raise you through the league.) Do not have your customer/friends/family place multiple single item orders in an attempt to level up faster. There are systems in place to monitor this behaviour, and as an integrity issue, will result in your termination from the program.
  • Why haven’t I leveled up yet?

    Review your sales in your affiliate dashboard. If you feel there are discrepancies contact accounts@projectAD.me
  • What can I do to level up?

    Quite simply, get out there and network. Of course, social media is a great tool to connect with people & your existing audience, though it is not the only answer. Word of mouth is your best source of true customers. Talk to people in the gym, supplement stores, and in real life.
  • When I reach the next level, do my sales start over or do they continue?

    Your total sales will continue, there is no “starting over” ever. Once you reach a higher level, historical sales data is retained in your account, and is accrued the higher up the AD Farm League you rise.
  • Who to contact for order queries / issues?

  • What not to post and why?

    Do not post racial content, excessive foul language, verbal attacks toward other brands/affiliates/persons, nudity, criminal activity - Please remember you are representing a global nutritional consumables brand and in that you should be as professional and responsible as possible
  • Wholesale accounts?

    If you refer a wholesale account that completes a purchase, you will be credited with sales points. Referring offline stores & gyms is one of the fastest ways to level up quicker, so if you love your favorite store or gym and want them to stock the ProjectAD product line, simply talk to them and refer them directly to frank@projectAD.me
  • How long does it take to see sales updates?

    Generally will take 24 - 48hrs
  • How long will it take to receive an email or phone inquiry response?

    We will try to respond before close of business the same day if possible, if not within 24 - 48 hours you will receive a reply even if it is letting you know we need more time.
  • I'm a ProjectAD affiliate and also own, or work at a retail store selling sports nutrition, can I tag my supplement shop in my social media?

    Yes of course. The only thing we ask is that as an AD representative you don’t post or tag any competing products in relation to the shop. Products that we don’t have, or that are non-competing, such as protein are fine, however anything that is a direct competing product to Project AD Elite Series or Wellness line is a conflict of interest and therefore not allowed.
  • I am worried about putting my personal information on the W-9 form, how do I know its secure?

    We have a secure & encrypted server. We do business internationally and send sensitive material to multiple continents and don’t have any issues. Your data and data protection is fully secure and we take this very seriously.